What to Eat In Munich

Before visiting Munich, it vital that you know different kinds of foods that you can eat in this location. If you love to soak up the atmosphere of the local food markets on your travels, then the Viktualienmarkt in the center of Munich is the place to wander. The food in Munich is all about beer and freshly made pretzels; after all, this is the capital of Bavaria. In Munich, the dishes are hearty, straight from the farm and the beer flows freely.

Munich is famous for fresh produce. Numerous number of tourists stocks up for a picnic in the Hofgarten.  The list of Bavarian food could go on for days, but here are the best foods to try during your trip to Munich.

1. Pretzel 

Forget every pretzel you’ve ever eaten. The pretzels in Munich are entirely different. They are soft in the center and chewy. Pretzels are sprinkled slightly with big chunks of salt for taste.

Of course, pretzels vary by region in Germany, but Munich claims to have invented the bread-like side dish. They come in all shapes and sizes. Some pretzels are huge topped with salt and caraway seeds, while others come in different flavors. Pretzels are sold everywhere in Munich. So, you’ll get a chance to taste this dish regardless of where you are.

2. Weisswurst

White sausage, or weisswurst, is a Bavarian sausage made with veal and pork. Weisswurst is pre-flavored with parsley, lemon, onions, ginger, and cardamom. The white sausage is served in a bowl of warm water with sweet mustard (called Weißwurstsenf) and eaten without their skins. 

The white sausages are mostly for breakfast. So they are eaten in the morning hours. They are hard to find after 1 pm, but they make a surprisingly delicious breakfast. Weisswurst goes well with beer.

3. Schnitzel

Schnitzel is one of the must-try Bavarian foods. It has to be on your list of what to eat in Munich. In Germany, schnitzels are breaded and fried meat cutlets. They can also be roasted or grilled cutlets. Typically schnitzel in Bavaria is breaded, and fried veal or pork served with spätzel, potato, and cucumber salad, or fries.

Before the meat cutlet is fried, it is coated with horseradish or mustard. Schnitzel is a delicious Bavarian classic no matter how it’s served.

4. Pork knuckle with dumplings

Bavarian cuisine is heavily meat based so pork knuckle is definitely not for vegetarians. A part of the leg of a pig is grilled in the oven. The meat is unsalted which allows the thick rind to turn into a crispy crust. This makes for a tender and well-tasting meat. This delicacy is served along with a delicious sauce and dumplings, “Knödel”.

Knödel are boiled dumplings found all over Central Europe. It is a mixture of flour and potatoes. Bavarian Knödel is usually made with potatoes grated or mashed into dough then mixed with eggs and flour. The large balls are then steamed or boiled.

5. Kaiserschmarrn

Kaiserschmarrn is a sweet dessert made with plenty of thick pancake dough. This dough is fried in a pan until the bottom side has become firm. The chef will then split the pancake into multiple pieces and bakes them thoroughly.

Kaiserschmarrn is served with powdered sugar and damson or apple jam. The dessert is very saturating which is why you should make sure to maintain some of your appetite - it’s worth it!

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